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Minnie Mouse Inspired Wrapping Papers

Minnie Mouse Inspired Wrapping Papers

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Step into a world of charm and joy with our Minnie Mouse-inspired Wrapping Paper! Elevate your gift-giving experience with the iconic style of everyone's favorite fashionista. Each sheet of wrapping paper is a delightful canvas featuring Minnie Mouse in her classic polka dot elegance, adding a touch of Disney magic to your presents.

The vibrant colors and enchanting illustrations make this wrapping paper a must-have for Disney enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're wrapping up holiday surprises or celebrating a special occasion, our Minnie Mouse Wrapping Paper is the perfect way to make your gifts stand out with whimsical flair.

Spread the joy of giving and capture the spirit of Minnie Mouse with every beautifully wrapped present. Make your gifts as memorable as the moments you're celebrating with this charming addition to your festive preparations.

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.: Material: 90 gsm fine art paper
.: Available in three sizes: 30" × 36", 30" × 72" and 30" x 180"
.: One side print
.: Matte or glossy finish
.: Paper sourced from Germany
.: NB! White space at top and bottom edges with a bar and QR code

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